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the HVN

The HVN Ice Bathing Candle

The HVN Ice Bathing Candle

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Elevate your daily ritual with Ice Bathing, a home fragrance harmoniously blending cutting-edge diffusion technology, AeroBiome™, with the embrace of the Scandinavian fjords. Supported by the science of phytoncides and thalassotherapy, this innovative home fragrance diffuses carefully formulated seaweed-derived compounds for a wellness boost. Phytoncides, released by plants, encapsulate the air-purifying benefit of the ocean and its native plants.

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The HVN’s products integrate AeroBiome™, a pioneering, proprietary fragrance diffusion technology grounded in science, which releases active compounds emitted from plants, known to help build body resilience, reset and destress. AeroBiome™ releases the beneficial organic compounds from nature into your home.
On the glacial surface, Ice Bathing has an uplifting aroma of pine, eucalyptus and lemon. At the heart of the icy sea, the oceanic extract of laminara and subtle floral notes of lavandin and geranium are supported with peppermint and the smell of the sea breeze. As you swim deeper, discover a smooth base of sandalwood and vetiver.
220g To set up, remove the paper disk before alighting. The candle will last up to 50 hours
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