The HVN has been crafted with the philosophy that the space should enhance your wellbeing too. Thus, we have carefully selected a multitude of elements— from biophilia and bespoke art to specialised lighting, unique fragrances and even nature-inspired sound— to create a unique sensory experience that enhances your wellbeing by simply experiencing our space.

Supported by our therapeutic and restorative scent, The HVN Fragrance, our space has been inspired by the warmth and cocooning quality of ancestral caves: As organic shapes, natural textures, and diffused light draw upon our primal instinct to connect with the space around us to feel safe and the innate human desire to embrace the essence of nature.

Our experiential retail space, forest bathing pre-treatment area, six treatment suites, dedicated consultation room, two unique recovery pods, and seminar space all have been crafted with this approach in mind to ensure a uniquely tranquil environment; a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of city life.