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the HVN

The HVN Room Spray

The HVN Room Spray

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Embrace the essence of The HVN at home with our signature fragrance, skilfully composed of a blend of herbs, flowers, and spices. Crafted with the proprietary diffusion technology AeroBiome™, rooted in the proven science of phytoncides, this therapeutic diffuser can help encourage tranquillity and a felling of calm. Scientifically designed to peacefully restore your mind and body. Experience the same captivating fragrance that envelops The HVN Institute in Knightsbridge. Immerse yourself in the scent from The HVN Beauty, allowing it to cocoon you in a truly rejuvenating olfactory experience.

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The HVN's signature scent integrates AeroBiomeTM, an advanced diffusion technology grounded in the science of phytoncides—active compounds released by plants. Phytoncides are emitted from plants, and known for their sedative and analgesic qualities, contribute to enhanced mental clarity and a reduction in stress hormones.
The HVN signature fragrance begins with herbaceous top notes of mint, green tea and osmanthus. Travelling deeper into its heart sits a soothing blend of fig tree leaf, jasmine sambac and ginger. At its foundations, the fragrance is grounded by an earthy, calming base of amber, musk and sweet blond woods.
190ml Remove the cap and press down on the atomizer to release the fragrance
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