Thread Veins & Spider Nevi

Thread veins and spider nevi are vascular lesions that may be present from birth or develop over time. They occur when the tiny capillaries in the skin become dilated, resulting in red spots or more extensive lesions, creating an uneven complexion.

Our state-of-the-art Fotona laser technology can significantly improve and, in most cases, completely remove thread veins and spider naevi.


How it works:

The Fotona laser treatment provides immediate cosmetic improvements by effectively targeting and shrinking the dilated capillaries. The blood within the vein quickly absorbs the laser energy, causing the vessel to contract. You will feel a slight warmth sensation as we heat the blood vessels, and we use an ice cooler before, during and after the treatment, which provides a more comfortable experience. Subsequently, the body naturally clears away the treated tissue, similar to the healing process of a bruise.

Expected results:

After the treatment, smaller vascular lesions often vanish instantly. For larger lesions, a temporary brown or grey discolouration may appear over the vein, which fades and disappears within a few days. Mild redness and bruising at the treatment site can occur but resolve quickly, varying with individual bruising tendencies. 

We recommend avoiding exercise, swimming, sauna, hot baths, harsh cleansers and non mineral makeup over the treated area for 3-4 days post treatment. 

At The HVN, we ensure a pleasant and serene treatment experience while we work on effectively restoring your skin’s flawless radiance.