Dry Clothed Massage

A short yet effective massage which takes place on our hydrobed while you remain fully clothed. The treatment focuses on three areas where tension is most commonly stored: the head, back of the neck and feet. 

Our holistic therapist will stretch your body and target pressure points with massage while you lie still on your back on our warm water mattress. Your therapist will then remove your shoes and socks to cleanse and massage your feet. 

This treatment was created for our clients with busy schedules. Available as a 30- or 60-minute massage, it’s short enough to be slotted into your lunchbreak during workdays or to be used as a welcome pause during a day of shopping, so you can return to the rest of your day feeling relaxed, refreshed and relieved from tension. 

Cautions and care 

Your hair will remain dry for this treatment. Oil will be used exclusively on the feet; you will remain fully clothed otherwise.